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Makua Beach

Makua Beach on the west shore of Oahu offers some of the most spectacular mountain views from one of the most secluded beaches that the Island offers. Crystal clear water washes upon the shores of this hidden beach with a backdrop of Makua Valley and cliffs that seem to encapsulate this hidden gem.

It is not uncommon to see Dolphins playing just off shore and frolicking in the waves. During the months of November through April you will also see majestic Wales flapping their tales and making a splash.

This beach and area holds great value and is very sacred in the Hawaiian Culture. There is a strong cultural significance of Makua Valley for the Hawaiian community, as they believe it is where man was first created. Makua Valley runs from the beach to the mountains and is believed to be where spirits enter the after world.

Makua Beach is located on the very west side of Oahu and takes about 1.5 hours to reach from Waikiki, Honolulu. It’s the second last beach before the road runs out at Kaena Point on the West Side with Yokohama Beach being the very last beach.

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Location: Makua Beach, Oahu, Hawaii.

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