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LinkedIn Profile Photos

Why first impressions are so important

Right now is probably one of the most important times for you to update and have a very strong LinkedIn profile and presence. So many are currently unemployed due to The Novel Corona Virus or Covid 19. I know for some the future may seem very bleak and scary but things will get better. Take the time now to update your profile build a strong resume and make those all important connections, so when the time comes and companies start hiring again you will stand heads above the crowd.

I believe it is not only important now but also once things start getting back to normal to always have a very strong presence among your peers. I am currently working on helping military personal that are set to retire have a great profile photo. It is one of the first steps in setting your presence and making a strong visual impact on anyone looking at your page. Having a professional photo is a strong visual signal that you are very serious and take your job serious. Your photo is one of the very first things a potential employer will see. This may seem insignificant to you but research indicates that we all make decisions based on first impressions. So put your best foot forward and make a strong visual impression to your next potential employer before they even see your resume.

Professional head shots does not have to be boring.

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